New Structure and Main Tasks

The new Global Quality was subdivided into 2 departments, the Direction “Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality” and the Direction “Product Quality and Market Qualities Coordination”. For our customer satisfaction department we found Pierre Castera a manager, who had already gathered much experience with development and innovation of services and measurement of customer satisfaction in the European zone. In his new function he was now in charge for the whole company to initiate and support the definition of the targeted service quality per customer segment and to implement efficient and adapted methodologies for satis­fac­tion measurements and improvement actions. The global scope of his responsibility offered him the possibility to benchmark the policies and standards between the different channels  and regions. As a specific project he had to manage the optimization of the core process “creation, development and launch of Essilor’s product and service offer”.

 As concerns the Direction “Product Quality and Market Qualities Coordination” our responsible manager was Daniel Steigelmann. He had a solid technical background and had been in charge for quality management of the European zone for several years. One of his major tasks in his new position was to propose and to implement a global product quality policy. Unfortunately in the spectacle lens business regional markets are different concerning their manufacturing and distribution structure and sometimes local standards complicate further definition and development of products with global performance and quality criteria. These different regional structures made it already somewhat complicated and very time consuming to establish a worldwide applicable Quality indicator system, necessary to perform benchmarking between the international prescription production entities and to propose cost saving  improvements.  A complete database on the technical features of the competitive products was an indispensable  element to establish a sustainable product policy. Finally one of the principal activities of Daniel’s team was to define homologation criteria for new technologies as for example the Free Form surfacing and to initiate the development of corresponding tests and internal standards.