Doing Sports, my First Passion

At that time TV was not affordable for normal families. There were only a few restaurants starting being equipped, which was an additional contribution to their profit, at least when the big soccer matches were transmitted. That period was the big era of the cinema. My weekly pocket money was equivalent to three cinema tickets on the cheapest places and certainly twice a week I went to a movie. My preference were western movies with the great “heros” of my time : Tom Mix, Randolph Scott, Gary Cooper, Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Glenn Ford, Gregory Peck…… What a generation! After 3 cinema visits my pocket money was almost used up, so there was certainly need for a non- expensive hobby and this was sports. Sports became an important factor for my whole life. As already mentioned I did some  roller skating,  but I found it a little boring. Only later when I played some ice hockey I practiced  ice skating all winter on the Landshut ice rink. But the first sport which I practiced continuously and systematically was swimming. I became a rather good crawl swimmer and  became one of the best in my age class. But finally I did not continue because I discovered my great sporting passion: soccer. Soccer was the most popular sport in Germany, particularly when Germany won the world championship title in 1954. This success was a major event for post war Germany, because after the World War II catastrophe and the years of economic misery  this event  became the symbol that Germany had not entirely vanished. This new self-esteem also became a guideline for the economic development of the following years, the years of the German Wirtschaftswunder.

In those days I played in different soccer teams in and around Landshut, for example ETSV Landshut 09, Rapid Vilsheim and FC Ergolding. It was a wonderful time which I shared with my friends Roland Widuch and Johannes Lang. After my retirement I was able to contact Roland who had made a management career in the industry, among others with IBM, and at the end of his professional career became General Manager of a software company near Stuttgart. Johannes Lang had become a teacher for special education and now lives at Regensburg.


Until the age of 35 I continued to play football in competition in different clubs playing in the district leagues of southern and northern Germany.