Living in France: The Most Beautiful City of the World

In 1986 we arrived in France and in 2009 we returned to Germany, a long time to discover a country, its people and its culture.


As concerns the country I know rather well the “Ile de France,” the region surrounding Paris. Having travelled different countries of the world  I think the metropole Paris is the most beautiful city of the world with its generous structure of large places and broad avenues remodeled by the Baron Haussmann in the century, its marvellous castles and monuments , from the Louvre and Versailles to the  Eiffel tower, its well preserved old creamy- grey residential buildings, its numerous museums….How often have we been in Paris strolling around , dining in brasseries and bistros, visiting a museum which we had not yet seen, there was always something new to discover. My wife knew Paris as good as a city guide, so often she explored the city with her mostly German friends, who were like her lucky to live at or near Paris. Nevertheless we did not choose to live in Paris, but we bought a house about 25 km South East of Paris. As until now we had lived in small cities or in the  country, a big metropolis was not the right place for us.


We traveled only some of the regions of the rest of France. What strikes, when you come from the densely populated Germany, is the large space occupied by nature in France. Even close to Paris we were able to walk in vast bright deciduous woods, different from my childhood in Bavaria where I had been picking mushrooms in dark coniferous forests.