Looking Back…… for the Moment no Intention to Move

In 2009 I took my retirement and Bärbel and I moved back to Germany. It was not easy to say good bye to France and Paris, particularly for my wife who had won many friends. Now we are living in Wittnau, near Freiburg. We discovered this region during a professional trip to the German subsidiary. Now we have time to rest and look back on eventful times. At first glance we had a rather independent life changing places and looking for new challenges . We moved a lot  and met  many  people. Our long stay at Paris and many professional and private trips to the States, Australia and Asia, particularly China, broadened our horizon. We learned about foreign cultures, their way to think about their nations and the world. In a period where Germany  is losing more and more its national identity we learned that global thinking and national pride go together very well. So if we had to decide once more we would do the same. To stay on one place and work for thirty or forty years for the same company or organization has the advantage to stay close to the relatives and childhood friends and to build a steady professional career. But to work for different companies from diverse economic sectors obliged me to start always anew and I acquired new competences entirely different from my initial education in a continuous learning process. We, particularly my wife, were making international friends with whom we are still in contact today.


Sometimes the decisions to take were not easy  and we had to leave places and persons who were dear to our heart. Now we are living  near Freiburg not very far from our relatives. Freiburg, situated in the sunniest region of Germany  has partly preserved its medieval character with its narrow winding streets and its beautiful Münster, built from red sandstone starting around 1200. A big part of Freiburg had been destroyed by heavy bombing of the British Air Force end of 1944. The Black Forest close to the French border is a wonderful region to live and to spend  holidays. In Wittnau we built a new modern house and we enjoy the numerous sightseeings and nice restaurants in the area. We feel very well in this beautiful region  with our nice neighbors and right now have no intention to move again.